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Signing into


Signing onto to give tithe and offering   for Northeast Assembly of God

From your computer or smartphone go to website and click on the tithe link at the top of the screen  (On smartphones there is a brown menu button)

This will take you to the "Give page" where you will see scripture and a green give button. Click on the green “Give” button

Once you click the give button another tithe window will open. Click sign up in the top right-hand side.


A green screen appears


Click create account

Fill out the information  Name, Address Password then confirm password (it will ask for a pin) create a pin, then confirm the pin.    (see below)


After typing in your pin, you will be taken back to the Northeast Assembly of God page and asked to ad a credit card


Add credit card and you will be returned to the Northeast Assembly of God tithe page


Fill in all remaining information, the amount you wish to give, your name, address email address, and phone number.  before you hit submit make sure you see the Northeast Assembly of God logo and then click submit.

That all there is!

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