Coming Out of Exile, Returning Home at Church

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

Please before you leave subscribe to this webpage The church is in exile, but not at the hand of Babylon, but at the hands of a Virus. So why do I say that we are a church in exile? Because like those in exile we have no strength to leave. But like those in exile to Babylon, we must still faithfully worship. We must submit to our leaders, in government. We must test those who we look to for spiritual direction. Many people try to encourage us with stories of a short quarantine and great blessing, but God says after the time he has appointed has been reached he will fulfill His “Good word to you”. And even though we should never whine or complain, we also should never make peace with our suffering. And keep our mind on great worship at home You may send tithe by going to or from our website. finally please subscribe to this youtube channel

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